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Hey there! Before you send me a message, please check if these options will help you first:

Looking for a Commission?

I don’t usually take on custom requests. If you’re interested in owning something I’ve made, take a look in my Etsy Shop! If I really enjoy making something, odds are I’ll make a few and put extras in my shop.

I have a question!

Awesome! I’m so happy to help you learn and get you the information you need. You can leave comments on any of my blog posts, and I answer them as quickly as possible. Go ahead and ask your question there. It might help someone else who has a similar question!

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I want to show you something cool I made!

I so totally want to see it! Please feel free to tag me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. I also highly recommend joining the awesome Prop Tarts group on Facebook, it’s a wonderful community of Makers who would love to see your project too!

Something on your site isn’t working.

Uh-oh! This is a great thing to contact me about. Please let me know what part of my site you’re trying to use and what about it seems to be messed up. I’ll do my best to get it working as soon as possible!