5 Resolutions in Making

5 Resolutions in Making

The New Year always starts me thinking.

It’s an arbitrary refresh on a cycle of time measurement that we made up, but something about it still feels powerful. It’s a chance to start fresh, try again, shake off the previous year and do something different.

Creating a long list of things we want to do and do better with the new year is really easy. Writing things down and following through on them can be much more difficult. I’m sitting down today to write down 5 concrete goals that I am going to try to adhere to in my Making for the duration of this year:

1. Make Things That Make Me Happy

I jumped right into making things for other people when I was in college. Everything I made was for a con on a deadline or for someone else. I didn’t really take the time to make things just for me, like I did when I was a kid. This year, my whole focus is on making things for fun, because I want to, and because I want to learn and hone my craft!

2. Make 1 BIG Awesome Costume

I’ve always admired people like Egg sisters Cosplay who do GIANT amazing costumes. Year after year I’ve dreamed of making something that makes people gasp in amazement and feel a burst of awe and inspiration. THIS year, I’m going to accomplish that goal! I’m not sure what I’m going to make just yet, but I know it will be really cool, really hard, and really fun. Do you have a fun idea? Let me know!

3. Commit to a small list of costumes and complete them

I’m very fickle. My list of extremely desirable cosplays changes daily, so it’s always been really hard for me to make the things I say I’m going to make. There are just so many enticing things out there! So this year I’m going to settle on a SMALL number of costumes – say 2 or 3 – and COMMIT! (The big scary word!) I want to prove to myself that I can set goals and meet them, and finally make some things I’ve been wanting to make for a long time.

4. Film a small video of each costume I make to cut together a year-end compilation

I had this idea just the other day and it was one of those ideas where I thought “Oh this would be so cool! I’ll probably never do it.” Then I put my foot down. This is what resolutions are all about, dammit! I don’t make very many costumes per year (yet!) so it shouldn’t be that hard to grab a quick phone video at a con or get a friend to help me grab a good clip of each costume. It also doesn’t have to be crazy professional looking, which brings us to my last goal this year:

5. Be bold and jump in. Don’t wait until things are “ready.”

This has been something that has prevented me from doing the most things in my life, I think. There’s always more prep to do. There’s always something else that needs to happen before I can get official and call something ready to go. This blog is a perfect example. When I started putting it together yesterday, I was so excited and ready to write and share with everyone! Then as I was looking through all these beautiful themes with big images and fancy content, I thought “oh no, I can’t launch it yet. I need images and an organizational structure and categories and….” The list went on and on. Then I realized – I can either just jump in and start doing what I really want to do: write and share with all of you and fancy it up as I go – or I could wait and probably never get around to launching this blog at all. I chose the former, and my biggest goal this year is to make that same choice with everything I make in 2019. Get an idea and go! Figure out what you need as it comes up.

If any of these goals feel like something you want to accomplish too, join me in pursuing them! What are some of your Maker resolutions this year?


  1. It has been fun seeing you on Punished Props. I hope you get to be satisfied with your resolutions this year.

    For myself, I have a few:

    1) Clean up and reclaim my garage workspace! I started getting involved in running a local makerspace and have spent the last six years fairly consumed with that. Last fall I stepped down from my position there, and have been trying to fix and clean up my garage so I can use that as my primary workshop again.

    2) Born Again Maker: I have started a YouTube channel for me to “Preach” about the maker movement (hench the name). My goal is to produce content about being a maker as a lifestyle choice: from what the core attitudes of makers might be, to how to lay out a workshop (nobody talks about lighting!), why makers on Youtube are always happy (back to core attitudes), how to manage a makerspace, etc. . .

    3) Make things that I want to make: Most of the past few years have been me helping other people make what they want, and running a monthly Costumes and Props Meetup. I have made two things for myself in six years, outs of 20-30 projects that I have been involved with. I don’t care if I keep them (I like making people happy by giving them something that I made for them), I just want to see some ideas live in the real world instead of just my imagination.

    1. Those sounds like such excellent goals!! I love the idea of sharing the idea of being a Maker as a lifestyle choice. I’ve never really thought about it, but it totally is a way of being and thinking about the world.

  2. Great write up Paige! I’m newly returning to the world of Making but have a wide smattering of experience that I need to dust off and hone once again. This will be my first year going to Emerald City (or ANY) ComiCon and while I’m keeping my cosplay goals reigned in this year, I too am making some creative commitments.

    1) Start a blog to document the return of my creative-self.

    2) Learn to paint with an airbrush.

    3) Finish at least 6 smallish builds/projects in 2019.

    Hopefully the writing of these goals will help them stick and me to GOMA as Nick so eloquently put it! 😏👍

  3. Number 5 is the one that really resonates for me – that lack of ‘GOYA’ (get off your ass) is what has proved to slowed me down in the past. What I better understand now is that there will never be a time when everything is exactly as you want it to be. And number 1 – nothing kills the joy of making than making something that doesn’t spark that desire to finish what you want to exist in the world.

    1. Yes absolutely! I learned that in the last year too – there is no moment of “ah yes, NOW I am ready.” I was so frustrated all year last year because I felt like I was in a constant state of waiting for things. I realize now that I was putting myself in that space of waiting. No more! We’re gonna get off our butts in a fabulous way this year!

  4. Firstly, congrats on getting your blog up and running, it’s something I have considered many times before. My biggest fear has always been ‘what if nobody is interested’ it would be such a blow to my confidence. It’s a terrible way to think, as the old sport analogy goes, ‘you miss 100% of the shots you dont take’
    You clearly have a wonderful way of putting your thoughts down on paper so I have absolutely no doubt you will make a success of this. It makes it even easier if you have a passion for what you do.
    Best of luck with the resolutions Paige!

    1. Ahh thank you so much!

      I had all those fears too, but I’ve already had such a wonderful response! I always think “what do I know that someone else hasn’t already shared?” But it’s always worth sharing anyway, I think, for the people who maybe don’t have the same perspective. I’m very excited to see where all this goes!

  5. Love it! Some great resolutions here, similar to what I’m doing myself, do one cosplay a year and do it well (never half ass two things… )! Build things because I want to, not because it’s under duress for others, (I’ll still make for others but in my own timeframes), just START and it will get better over time (with anything), and learn to stop self criticising all the damned time.

  6. All the yes. Particularly point 1. Point 4 is really neat idea, could I pinch that?

    I’m waiting for it to get warmer outside, before heading off to the garage to start making again. Hit list is add more stuff to my 40K Space Wolf. Learn sewing as I want to create the Riddler outfit from Batman Arkham City. Judge Dredd, may or may not do a mash up with Hot Fuzz. Oh, and make things for other people, because that’s always satisfying 🙂

    1. Pinch away!

      Those sound like some great goals! I want to make things for other people to, but not for money. I think I’d like to do more gifts or trades this year.

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